Inspirational Commercial Voice Over

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Inspirational Commercial Voiceover 

This has to be one of my favorite genres to narrate as a voice actor. We all strive to inspire without message and as a business, it is our mission to inspire our customers and clients to hear our inspirational commercials and be moved to action.

 In this mix, you will hear a variety of commercials that I have voiced for clients that wanted to inspire their customers with ideas and emotions. 

Each of these spots also has a video attached, so you can watch how the video narration turned out with the commercial. 

The first spot is a voice over I did for a Geodome destination vacation company. This voice-over was meant to inspire people who were looking for a remote getaway that was unique and unforgettable to take the trip. The imagery really plays a big role in this as well. 

My voiceover style for this was calm and relaxed with a softer tone in order to compliment the incredible video clips.  

Legacy Mentors voiceover spot was meant to provide inspiration to those that have lost it. 

This next voiceover is called, "Stronger". I tried to give a straight forward inspiring and tough read. 

One big key to narrating any video is being aware that the imagery is primary and the words are there to back it up. It is a balance. 

Mercedes is the next voice over and this was all about psychological energy. I tried to restrain my voice in order to build the tension. I think it turned out well.

Alaska 1795 is a company that makes clothing for rugged outdoors people with a very recognizable name. This voice was about painting an inspiring picture of the dreams outdoors people have.

The video was very well done and the mix turned out great. 

Children's hospitals are an amazing message about an incredible opportunity to help children across the world. In this video, I tried to give a friendly, relateable voice that inspired people to take action. 


This was a deep inspiring voice-over I completed for Sensation. In this voiceover, I really tried to make the listener feel the inspiration that comes from being a part of something truly unique. 

The key to a great inspirational voiceover is knowing what the message is underneath the message. Inspiration has many levels to it and being able to give the different levels their own flavor, makes for a powerful idea. 

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