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Movie Trailer and TV Trailer Voice Overs

When most people think of a movie trailer voice over, they think of the epic-sounding deep commanding voice style. Voice over artists like Don Lafontaine and his Voice of God have been seared into our hearts. 

As time marched on, so has the conventional idea of the movie trailers and what they should sound like. 

Also, with technology booming and the video game trailer becoming a staple in everyday life, businesses and voice actors have adapted. 

The key to navigating the change is working with a good voice actor. 

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Trailer Voice

So what does a trailer voice sound like these days? Does the "Voice of God Trailer" still exist? The answer is YES, they still exist. But today, there are many different types of deliveries that offer more relateable voice overs and reality. 

The different sounds of movie and tv trailers today can be booming, soft, friendly, nurturing, authoritative, scary, and so much more. 

So ... what should a great movie trailer voice-over do? Most trailers want to build suspense or tension so a voiceover that builds through the trailer works best. 

If you want a friendly and relatable trailer, the voice-over should be relaxed and easy to listen to. The flow should be consistent and not stressed. 

If you are looking for a quick TV tag or sitcom trailer, you want a fun and "Guy next door" type of voice. The good expression performed by the voiceover artist makes this voice over style come alive.


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I have always believed in offering a service that my clients can truly benefit from. A great voice over is only part of the experience. Because your success is important to me, I guarantee you will receive:

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My goal is to always bring this level of service to you and your project. With a professional recording studio and a commitment to delivering the very best voice over quickly and easily, Anthony Pica VO is the right place for your movie trailer voice over. 

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