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Anthony Pica has been a stage actor and voice over artist for over 20 years.

His voice acting spots have been in tv commercials, local and national radio ads, BMW, Ford, Polo, Chipotle, NBC, Circle K, Ascari, and so much more.

All of this voice over work experience brings you a voice talent that will deliver your message clearly, effectively and just the way you want it.

Anthony started his acting career in college earning his BFA in Theatre and his MFA in Educational Leadership. This led Anthony to tour around the country as a stage actor and eventually a theatre teacher.

He began to direct plays and coach actors on their craft.

Later, he became a professional voice actor and built a professional studio with a Whisperroom and high-end recording equipment.

He then launched a Youtube channel to help voice actors grow their businesses by learning from his journey (A VO's Journey).

How Do You Pick The Perfect Voice Over Artist

The very first thing you need to do when choosing your commercial voice-over talent is to know your target audience.

Once you have your target audience firmly established, you will be able to judge the right tone and delivery that will resonate with that group.

For example: If you are producing an explainer video and you want to target men that are interested in Blockchain, you will want a strong deep male voice that can bring confidence and a good flow to the read.

But if you are looking for a voice actor for your Youtube channel on sports cars, you might want to choose a more upbeat and interested tone. This gives your target audience a way to relate to the voiceover actor and will keep their attention longer.

Car Commercial Voice Over

Car commercial voice-overs are very stylized. You want to find a voice over actor that can deliver that style correctly for your audience.

If you are promoting a truck commercial or a spray-in bed liner, etc., you are going to want a voice over tone that emits strength and confidence. This usually means that you will have a deeper male voice and a slight southwestern accent (Not always, of course).

But if you are promoting an electric car, you might want a more urban voice over or millennial voice over to deliver that message. It all goes back to your target audience.



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The Voice Over Delivery

It's important that we address the voice over delivery and the different styles and tones there are.


This voiceover tone comes from a place of confidence and authority. Typically, your voice over will sound like it is delivered in the lower register of the voice actors range and ending down at the last words in the sentences.

There are always exceptions to these rules, but that is generally how a voice artist delivers an authoritative read.

Hard Sell

A hard sell voiceover is one that really goes towards the realm of the announcer style. This is the big radio-sounding voice that has a loud boom to it.

Even though times have changed and this is no longer the norm, there are still situations where this style of voice over is still used.


Conversational reads have become the gold standard for all other reads. In our society today, we want unique perspectives to shine through in our commercials so that we connect with individuals.

The conversational tone can be used in any voice over style, especially when you combine it with other reads.

Soft Sell

The soft sell is a style where we are combining the conversational tone with a sales pitch. We are still selling something, but not shoving it in your face.

This is one of the most used voice over styles out there and using it correctly can bring you a lot of business.

How Well Do You Take Direction

This is a great question because we all have specific needs for our voice-overs and we need voice over talents to take direction well.

Anthony has spent decades giving and taking direction and prides himself on working with you to deliver the very best voiceover based on your directions.

He also has source connect if you need to record him remotely and he does offer phone patch for remote direction.

What Now

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What Can You Expect Working With Me?

I believe in helping my clients succeed by offering them three things:

1. Quality Voiceover Work

2. Fast Delivery

3. Easy/friendly to work with

This is what you can rely on time and time again working with Anthony Pica. Don't wait, send your message now.


If you have would like a quote, have a question, or would like to work with Anthony, fill out the form below. 

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