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Because of Covid-19 and technology, eLearning has expanded to the highest point it has ever been. More and more businesses are turning to online instruction to educate their employees, and schools are turning to online instruction out of necessity. With technology making e-learning courses easily available, experienced eLearning voice-over narrators are needed more than ever.

But what is elearning exactly? It is simply learning that is conducted online, usually recorded, but can be live. Elearning courses are a staple for most businesses and educational institutions around the world. This is why you need a voice over talent with an engaging voice to deliver high-quality narration. Using a voice actor like Anthony will bring a smart, clear, confident, and friendly voice to your instructional design.



What Types Of Elearning Can Anthony Do

Anthony has experience in multiple forms of elearning including corporate, ESL, medical, interactive, technical, legal, onboarding, pharmaceutical, instructional, and so much more. Anthony also holds a BFA in Theatre Performance and MA in Educational Leadership. He was a teacher for over 12 years as well. Education has always been his passion and he continues to teach and educate voice actors as well as run his voice-over business.

How To Deliver Professional Male Elearning Voice Over

There are 6 different aspects of a great elearning narration. They are as follows:

  1. Tempo - Having the right tempo when you are delivering the voice-over script is extremely important in elearning because your goal can be to foster understanding, engagement, and action. A good steady tempo throughout the entire e-learning course can be the difference between understanding or apathy.
  2. Volume - It goes without saying that a voice actor's first job is to make sure they are understood, but oftentimes, when you work with voice actors that aren't sure of themselves or timid, their volume suffers. This can be a simple function of making sure that files are formatted correctly, but you would be surprised at how difficult it can be to hear some voice over deliveries.
  3. Energy - A good voice over artist will be able to interpret your script, take your direction, and deliver the correct energy that is needed for the instruction you are offering. Energy in voice over can be described as upbeat, serious, or the overall excitement level that you bring to the piece. Depending on what is being narrated, the right energy is key to your message being understood.
  4. Expressiveness - This is how dynamic a voice actor makes their words. A good rule of thumb is the more engagement you want, the more dynamic you get. However, this is not always needed. Most corporate narration is more serious and authoritative.
  5. Diction - Making sure that the voice actor you work with for your elearning project has clear diction should be of top priority. Anthony has spent the last 20 years working on speaking clearly and correctly, without sounding robotic.
  6. Separation - When narrating your elearning voiceover, understanding when to pause and take a break, is very important in different kinds of narration. In ESL or interactive eLearning, separation plays a big part in the read.

So What Now

You want to best professional male elearning voice over you can possibly get, and it starts by finding a well-educated and highly communicative voice actor. Anthony can help you accomplish your goals quickly and accurately.

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