Voicemail And IVR Voice Over

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Voicemail and IVR Voice Over

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Voicemail and IVR Voice Over

Who Needs A Voicemail And/Or IVR?

The quick and easy answer is ... every business needs one. A good voicemail message can help your business stand out at professional and caring. But, with voicemail and IVR becoming linked, it's so much more than just a message. Now, we use our voicemails to gain business.

What Makes A Good Voicemail Greeting?

First, the voiceover should be easily heard and understood. The likelihood of a potential client wanting to do business with you if they hear a poorly done voicemail greeting is slim. Also, nothing makes people angrier than phone messages they can't understand.

Second, you want to make sure that the voice actor fits your specific brand. If you have a fun and upbeat style business, you want to have a fun and upbeat voice over. However, if you are a serious business, or have a serious message, you want the voiceover to match. 

Thirdly, a good voicemail message should fit your brand. As stated above, you want to find a voice actor that can deliver the right style that syncs with your message, but first, you need a well-written script. If you are interested in having me write your script, click here. 

Lastly, you want high-quality audio that is edited, mastered, and formatted correctly for your system. Whether you are using Google Talk or need a U-Law file, working with a voice actor that is also an audio engineer helps you get exactly what you need. 

What Makes A Good IVR?

A good Interactive Voice Response is clear, easy to understand, and to the point. Also, there should be a sense of confidence in the message. People use these systems to navigate business information hubs and they must be user-friendly. 

A neutrul Amercian accent is well accepted for all IVR's and Voice Greetings in most geographic locations. However, depending on your business and location, you may opt for a voice actor with a local accent.

Either way, you want a voice over artist to sound relateable and friendly for any of the work. 

What About Quality, Service, and Delivery?

I have always beleived in giving my clients an amazing experience by offering 3 things.

  1. Quality Audio
  2. Easy to Work With
  3. Fast Delivery

When you are looking for the right voice and dealing with corporate and deadlines, you don't need to work with a voiceover actor that is late and rude. 

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